freedom session is writing your story with a new, god-inspired ending

What is Freedom Session?

Freedom Session is a 20-week intensive healing discipleship journey that uncovers the roots of pain in our lives and invites JESUS CHRIST to heal those areas of our hearts. This journey is for everyone and deals with real issues: frozen emotions, broken marriages, pornography, sexual woundedness or abuse, depression, anger, fear and any destructive pattern used to escape from pain.

As Jesus heals the heart, unhealthy and destructive ways previously used to escape the pain become less and less attractive. Shame loses its grip and the lies that once sought to destroy are replaced by God’s truth and the practical skills to live accordingly.  This is the pathway to true and lasting freedom.
Freedom Session has proven effective for men and women from every walk of life, every economic level and virtually every area of woundedness. And it is equally effective for those with little church experience and those who’ve attended church their entire lives.
Effective discipleship involves leading an authentic and examined life. Therefore, emotional and relational healing should be considered a normative step in every Christian’s discipleship journey.

Freedom Session is likely for you!

What is Freedom Session Like?

The course is made up of weekly large group video teachings, small group discussions and personal homework assignments. Small groups are gender specific, made up of 6-8 set participants and overseen by facilitators who are also walking out their own Freedom Journey

freedom Session Leadership Team

With each cycle of Freedom Session, we need emotionally and spiritually mature Bethel Pentecostal Church members willing to serve on our leadership team. Our Team consists of a wide range of roles, but is primarily made up of facilitators and assistants. All facilitators have the privilege and responsibility of working through the Freedom Session program at the same time as participants and are supported through yearly training and detailed weekly briefings.

What is Authentic Living?

Authentic Living is a ten  week follow up course to Freedom Session that provides practical ways to be in God's word, how to hear from Him directly, and how to create and authentic life plan that unleashes our new identity in Christ. The Authentic Living course teaches how to set healthy boundaries and resolve conflict God's Way. Those who take Freedom Session are encouraged to complete the course by continuing on through Authentic Living.

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